Mount revealed that Potter ordered a change of play to help release the stuff

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Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has revealed the tactical transformation that new head coach Graeme Potter has turned him into is to focus more on attacking in the box. As a result, the work shines as you see.

Mount called a penalty / opponent lost a red card , 1 opened, entering a total of two assists in the Champions League game that defeated AC Milan 2-0 yesterday or the league ufabet game was shed, making 2 assists. defeat Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-0 equals 117 minutes on the field with four assists.  

The increased efficiency of the 23 – carat -year-old star, he credits the new boss.  

“ I felt good, enjoyed it , we played well and scored goals. I hope that the next game itself will have a name to score some goals. ” Opening the mouth through ‘ BT Sport ‘

“ It’s probably coming soon, but this season it’s a clean target. Just get assists , make goals for the team-mates. ”

“ Playing against Potter was great, you can see from the way we play. The pressure was good in attacking games and it was solid at the back of the house. ” 

“ It’s coming in the right direction, I hope it continues. ” 

“ What you have changed for me may not be much. Just to focus more on the frame , the link between the midfield and the striker. and play  independently

” Those are the ones that happened to me in the last few games, I want more of that role. ” 

Mount ‘s five assists came during the Potter era , while playing with former head coach Thomas Tuchel has neither goals nor assists.