About the makers

Jeroen van Velzen

(1979, Heerlen) moved abroad at the age of 2. He lived a.o. in Kenya, India and South Africa. After highschool in England and an orientation year at the Brighton College of Technology (Fine Art), he followed the study documentary direction at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy. In his third year there he made the short film DRIE DUIZEND METER BOVEN DE WOLKEN about his autistic brother Erik. In 2009 he graduated with the film BABA, a documentary about an old man in India who together with his younger brother embarks on an exhaustive pilgrimage.
WAVUMBA is Jeroen's first feature documentary.

foto-crew-415wCrewfoto, made in Kenya. From left to right: Robil Rahantoeknam, Jeroen van Velzen, Sara Kee, Lennart Verstegen.


(1984, Groningen) graduated in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. In 2010 she completed her research master by specialising in the philosophy of language. Sara is employed as a freelancer at the weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer, where she previously had an internship. Sara also writes columns and is currently working on the travel guide  'Reis! alleen over de wereld’, which will be released in 2012 by publishing company Nijgh & van Ditmar.


(1981, Zwolle) followed the study sound at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, where he graduated in 2009 with the films Wes and BABA (also directed by Jeroen van Velzen). In 2008 Robil had an internship at audio post-production company Boon & Booy. Together with Huibert Boon and Alex Booy, he won the Golden Calf for sound design for the film WINTER SILENCE (produced by SNG Film). In the meantime Robil has done sound recording, sound design and mix for countless film productions.



(1985, Tilburg) followed the study camera/light at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, where he graduated with a.o. the award-winning graduation films ‘In Een Vergeten Moment’ and ‘Bingo’, as D.O.P. and cameraman respectively. Lennart has worked on numerous film productions as D.O.P. and cameraman, amongst which the Golden Calf nominated feature film RABAT. Lennart is also employed as director of commercials.