Wavumba will be screened in Dutch filmtheaters from 16 February, distributed by Mokum Filmdistributie.

The film is now available (week 18 and 19) for download and stream in the United States on the following website:



On Saturday February 4 Jeroen van Velzen showed the inhabitants of Wasini (Kenya) his film. Amongst them were of course also the main characters Masoud and Juma. From the accounts of Jeroen:

Yesterday at 20:30, after the last prayer, I showed the film Wavumba in Wasini on a large canvas under the big mango tree on the grounds of the football club.

Some 300 people came to watch. The sound was really poor because the generator -there is no electricity on Wasini- stood next to the speakers. But even with poor sound, a generator that kept on dropping out, people who tripped over cables, and an amplifier that burned out at the end, it was a great success. Everyone watched with big interest and there was a lot of laughter. In the dark all I could see were large eyes and white teeth. It was a spectacle! I was very touched by all those people, and I know for certain that I made 300 people incredibly happy with this film.

From start to finish, Masoud also looked fascinated at the screen. You could see his shame and his pride and he laughed with everyone. He understood the film and said at the end that it was much more then he had expected. Juma was very quiet towards the end of the film. I have to talk with him again. I think that he feels guilty towards Masoud, because of the last scene.

This screening was definitely the most extraordinary screening I had ever been to. I feel really satisfied and have promised everybody to do another screening before I leave with my boat to Mozambique.




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