YEAR: 2012

LENGTH: 59 min. (tv version) & 80 min. (theater version)



1. Dutch version (Swahili has Dutch subtitles)

2. Dutch version (Engels subtitles)

3. English version (Swahili has English subtitles)

DISTRIBUTOR: MOKUM Filmdistributie





SNG Film / Studio Nieuwe Gronden was founded in 1979 by René Scholten, and focused on producing feature films and documentary projects with a personal and idiosyncratic element, but not to the exclusion of any commercial potential.
Digna Sinke -producer and director- took over in 2001.

The aim remains the same: to produce interesting films with cinematographic quality.
Recent titles: An Angel in Doel (documentary by Tom Fassaert, Forum Berlinale 2011); Wistful Wilderness
(documentary by Digna Sinke); Winter Silence (feature film by Sonja Wyss, Forum Berlinale, 2009).


Digna Sinke

(Zonnemaire, 1949) graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 1972 as writer/director of fiction films and documentaries.
Her first long feature film "De Stille Oceaan" (The Silent Pacific) was selected for competition of the Berlinale 1984.
Her long feature film on Belle van Zuylen, a 18th century female author of Dutch origin, and her friendship with Benjamin Constant won the main prize at the Mannheim/Heidelberg festival 1994. Her fiction film "Atlantis" premiered in 2009 in
San Sebastian. In 2010 she completed her documentary project Wistful Wilderness, a long term project about a small
island in the Dutch delta which has been developed from agricultural area into ‘wild’ nature. Wistful Wilderness won the
award for best documentary at the FIFE festival in Paris and at the Neue Heimat Festival in Freistadt.